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The International Profiler

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A comment from a participant on a recent on-line licensing session:

"Just wanted to write and say what a wonderful experience the course has been. We all have found it professionally and personally rewarding. I knew it was going to be interesting but I hadn’t anticipated how engaging and inspiring it would be."


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The Licensing Process for the International Profiler

Who can use the International Profiler?

In order to use the International Profiler you need to be licensed by WorldWork Ltd. Once licensed you will be able to buy the materials, send out questionnaires and prepare the pdf reports, all in your own private area on this web site. You can select from the available languages for the questionnaires and the reports and you will also be able to choose from a number of different norm bases; in some circumstances we can prepare your own individual norm base where there are 100 or more completed questionnaires in the group concerned.

Two ways to be licensed to use the International Profiler:

  • The first is by way of a two-day workshop and these are run from time to time in London and sometimes elsewhere in Europe. During the workshop you will learn what the International Profiler is for, how to interpret individual profiles in relation to the particular international context of the individual, and have practice at actually carrying out feedback sessions. You may be asked to do some preparatory work before the workshop using some on-line materials, and after the workshop you will need to complete a trial feedback session and go through a telephone de-brief once that session is complete. You will also learn how the International Profiler can add value for you and your clients in the programmes that you run. A sample agenda for the two day workshop can be found here and the cost of the whole licensing process through this route is £1,550.

  • The second is by way of an on-line virtual learning process that is spread over a three or four week period. This on-line licensing course has been designed to provide considerable flexibility for potential licensees, who can complete the process from anywhere in the world and so avoid all the costs associated with travel and staying away from home. It features work at an interactive course site, live webinars, and significant interaction with a Licensed Course Instructor and other potential licensees.

    If you take this course you can expect to spend approximately 6-7 hours a week over the three week period with a brief pre-course orientation session, and some post course work to use the tool with a practice client.  The on-line version provides an excellent opportunity to interact in depth with the materials, colleagues and your instructor so that you will complete this program with confidence to incorporate TIP into your professional activities. A sample agenda for the on-line licensing process can be found here and the cost of this route to fully licensed status is also £1,550.

    The majority of the work in this course is done asynchronously, meaning that you can complete the work on your own time schedule within certain defined parameters.  It is divided into three modules and there will be a live web conference session at the conclusion of each module.  

If you would like to make arrangements to become licensed to use the International Profiler and access all the on-line materials please see details of Forthcoming Events and contact Abby Beckley at WorldWork.