Over 7000 executives have become more effective in their roles by using The International Profiler

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The International Profiler

ICF CCEU Points for International Profiler Licensing

Developed fourteen years ago in Cambridge, England and used by over 9,000 executives and students in more than 70 countries, TIP® is an in-depth competency based coaching tool. It raises cultural self-awareness and provides an ideal development platform for internationally focused coaching.

TIP® was accredited by the ICF two years ago as a coaching tool and it is worth 17 CCEUs in the core competency category. Becoming licensed to use TIP can be done in a two day face to face workshop or online over a three to four week period. Click here for more information about TIP® and for details of forthcoming programmes:  Further details about the International Profiler and forthcoming licensing events can be found from the links at the top of this page.

Sue Bray, WorldWork's senior associate, will run a product information webinar on the 3rd of May 2013. During the webinar, she will introduce the features and benefits of The International Profiler as well as the online licensing programme. If you would like to join the webinar please click here to register.

Some comments about using The International Profiler in a coaching context:

“We have used TIP for the last two years to set up a development programme for our international executives. It has helped , working with a coach, to build key international effectiveness skills. Over 90% found it ‘very useful’ and it has greatly strengthened motivation and buy-in to projects.” Marta L, Head of Leadership Development. International FMCG company.

“I have found TIP to be an excellent starting point for coaching international competence and preparing clients for international mobility”. Patricia Comolet ICF-ACC, Camcom coaching, Germany.

“TIP has the depth and complexity to add real value to personal learning and development for our MBA students, for example in identifying and addressing specific issues that may have help them back in the past or which may be crucial to their career development. It is an excellent one to one and group coaching tool.” Tim Baxter and Valeria Forzane, MIB Business School, Trieste, Italy.

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